HCTS 2020 Theme:

Delivering Outcomes Using Cloud: Better, Faster, More Valuable

As we enter the broad production phase of cloud deployment, the true power of driving business value will start to emerge. The complexity driven by hybrid IT and multi-cloud deployments will yield business benefits beyond cost savings and agility. DevOps and cloud-native techniques will drive an inherently more secure, more stable and more scalable infrastructure. 


2020 Agenda Topics

Edge of Tomorrow - 5 Ways to Capitalize on the Edge Opportunity

Cloud Security

Cloud Native: Clouds, Containers and Kubernetes

Datacenter M&A

Cloud Services and Bridge: Partnerships Make All the Difference

Innovations in Datacenter Technology

Building the Datacenter Fabric: Networking Opportunities in the Datacenter World

The Future of Datacenter Networking

Driving Leverage Through Effective Automation

Living in a Hybrid/Multi-Cloud World