Over the last several years, the Bank of Canada has worked with Uptime Institute to significantly upgrade its data center operations framework, and it has also implemented a cross-disciplinary management team that includes stakeholders from IT, Facilities Management, and Security.

Megan Murphy and David Schroeter explain how taking a multidisciplinary approach helped the Bank earn the M&O Stamp of Approval from Uptime Institute.

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Managing a Diverse Data Center Footprint

“If you have your processes and content down, getting M&O is the gold standard" states John Sheputis, President of Infomart Data Centers, who has taken multiple sites through the assessment.

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AIG: How it Raised Its Level of Operations Excellence

The M&O Stamp of Approval offers us a proven methodology of assessing our M&O practice, not only validating our program but also offering a level of benchmarking against other participants of the assessments.

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Industry leaders who have the M&O Stamp of Approval

The Management & Operations (M&O) Stamp of Approval offers third-party validation to existing facilities. independent of the Tier Classification System.

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Industry Events:
Here are a few of the events that Uptime Institute will be participating in the near future. For additional information, check our Industry Events page.
Datacenter Dynamics Workshop - July 18, 2016 - San Jose, CA
Julian Kudritzki, Chief Operations Officer, Uptime Institute, will be leading an invitation-only executive workshop entitled: What are the things we all need to do to save IT from itself? Register now, if interested in attending.
DataCenterDynamics: Webscale - July 19-20, 2016 - San Jose, CA
Julian Kudritzki, Chief Operations Officer, Uptime Institute will join other industry experts as part of the Vision of the future plenary panel for an open discussion on Data Centers and Energy Efficiency into the Next Decade.

1st Asian Cloud and Data Center Strategy - July 20-21, 2016 - Singapore
Thomas Baehr, Senior Director Business Development - APAC, Uptime Institute, will be presenting on Efficient IT.

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